Our leather originates from leading Italian tanneries serving global luxury fashion brands. Whilst leather is a resistant material it is nevertheless subject to wear and tear by external agents. The main purpose of the mobile phone case is to protect your device from falls and scratches. Given the frequent use of the mobile phone (on average 100 times/day) the majority of devices accidently drops on the ground provoking damages to the case. In case of a drop the leather will be damaged and exposed areas such as corners can breaks. The case is also subject to constant contact with humidity and dirt from hands, pockets in trousers, jackets and bags as well as being placed on different hard surfaces in various locations. Consequently, the mobile phone case is subject to intense wear and tear and will age faster than any other small leather goods. There are a few simple tips that could be useful for keeping your case in great shape over time. These are general instructions that applies for all our cases. Tip number one would therefore be to keep your leather product away from water and moisture. Don't place your leather product on any wet surfaces as leather absorbs fluids and moisture and the product will age a lot faster as a result of this. Be careful with handcreams and lotions as holding the case/cover with creams on your hands on a regular basis will make your case darken. Make sure the creams have absorbed in your skin properly before touching the leather.  


Another simple tip is to keep your leather products clean by using wipes made for leather products (leather shoe/bag wipes) and wiping the case or cover off on a regular basis. If you don't have a leather cleaning wipe you can use a cloth with a little water and clean it off carefully. Make sure you dry the case/cover properly afterwards with a dry cloth. Avoid washing the leather product with anyhting else than above mentioned as harsh soaps or antibacterial lotions may ruin the leather.


Something to always have in the back of your mind is to never expose your leather product to excessive heat or direct sunshine for a longer time. It is not good for the leather but it is also in general harmful for your technical products. Please note and read the enclosed card that comes with your new product for more specifik instructions.

If you have any qestions about the above please contact us