Unser Erbe

Our Heritage

Our creative inspiration is very much derived from our Italian family history. The Case Factory’s Creative Director, Angela Martarelli, had a great grandfather who founded the company Nazareno Gabrielli in 1907 in her native city of Tolentino located in the Marche region. Nazareno Gabrielli quickly became famous in Italy when in 1927, the King of Savoia wanted the interior of his train wagon to be made of leather. The art of tanning and transforming leather into beautiful products has been an integral part of the family since the beginning of the 20th century. In order to secure access to high quality hides, the tannery Conceria del Chienti was acquired and over the following decades Nazareno Gabrelli became synonymous with making some of the very best handcrafted leather goods in the world and also a major supplier to Cartier.

The Nazareno Gabrielli villa in via Cesare Battisti in Tolentino where production started in 1907.

Men working in the tannery in Tolentino.